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Serving the Community in Cambridgeshire

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Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
Environmental Records Centre (CPERC)

The Parish of Brampton in Cambridgeshire has a landscape reflecting its glacial origins, a fascinating history and a wealth of wildlife. At the same time, it lies at the centre of a major road network comprising the A1 and A14. The A1 will soon form part of an ‘upgraded’ 10-lane highway incorporating a new A14 routed south and west of the village. Protecting what is best in the village from an environmental, social and economic perspective poses significant challenges. The Brampton Biodiversity Project seeks to provide a comprehensive description of the Parish to aid in the preparation of a Parish Plan.

During 2014/15, photographs of most of the accessible fields and features of the Parish were taken.
The Flickr Web Album page here, is the result of this work. Please add information or comments to any of the photographs.

To view Geotagged photographs on a map please click here. -

Map showing Brampton Wood and Portholme Meadow

The map shows Brampton Wood - the second biggest ancient wood in Cambridgeshire - Brampton Meadow and Portholme Meadow, all Sites of Special Scientific Interest. The legacy of gravel extraction includes open water pits (GPO), some a haven for wildlife. Many of the pastures (Pa) still show evidence of ancient medieval cultivation, now visible as ridge and furrow grassland (R&F). These together with the river valleys of the Ouse and Alconbury Brook, Brampton Golf Course, Hinchingbrooke Country Park and other features, reflect changes in land use.

Funding from the UK National Biodiversity Network with support from the Cambridge & Peterborough Environmental Records Centre, helped in the development of a dedicated web site to facilitate information collection, collation and sharing. With the support of Brampton Parish Council, it provides a snapshot in time and will be a lasting legacy for future generations.

Coordinated by the Wildlife Trust Huntingdonshire Local Group
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