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People in Cambridgeshire are being asked their views on pharmacies and dispensaries across the county.

The consultation, commissioned by the Cambridgeshire Health and Wellbeing Board, which finishes on 30 April, asks people’s views on pharmaceutical services for now and in the future.

At the moment there are 110 pharmacies and 43 dispensing GP practices across Cambridgeshire, with 23 pharmaceutical service providers per 100,000 people, the same as the national average.

People’s views will be used to help shape future development of pharmaceutical services across the county, including decisions made by NHS England on applications to open new pharmacies.

To give them your views just click on email in the bottom line which will take you to the survey.

Thank you.

Note: The above is a cut down version of the email sent to Councillors. If you would like the full version then please contact Mike Shellens by email on

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