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Statement From Brampton Parish Council: Dorling Way Development

Concern has been expressed about the temporary removal of the play park at the end of Laws Crescent and the role of the Parish Council in arriving at this unusual situation.

I thought it might be helpful to make the following points:

• BPC is not the planning authority but can and does comment on all Brampton's planning applications and developments. However, we are only asked to give our opinion to HDC who remain the decision makers.

• The access road was approved by HDC at outline stage, even though BPC made strong objections as a consultee and raised concerns about the access in 2016 at the time of the outline proposal

• The latest planning application is dealing with the detail of the design and layout of the properties (not the access road)

• However, the BPC Planning Committee met and whilst approving the design detail, we commented again that the access road was unacceptable and requested alternative and improved access routes from the developer, before and after the A14 improvements

• A consequence of those discussions was a recommendation that the play park be removed as an interim measure only, purely for the safety of children during the construction phase. It is the intention to replace the play park on completion of the construction

Finally, BPC is adamant that it has the views and safety of the residents’ high in their concerns and is always doing whatever it can in support of the residents and their concerns.

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