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New Waterways Volunteering Opportunity

The Environment Agency is looking for people who live close to Houghton or St. Ives to volunteer at lock sides and attend waterways festivals. No prior knowledge of boating is required, just an interest in rivers and boating. Volunteers will be trained by the Environment Agency and will be given a uniform and ID badge. The scheme is managed by Cambridgeshire ACRE on behalf of the Environment Agency.
I would be grateful if you could make your residents aware of this opportunity by letting your Parish/Town Council know about it.

Rachael Brown
Community Development Manager

Rachael is also happy to take any general inquiries about the scheme, what the role involves and how to apply. In addition there is an Anglian Waterways Volunteer scheme website which gives more details about the scheme and how to apply, follow the web link for this.

Last updated: Fri, 09 Feb 2018 11.47 am - More information or comments: Tel: 01353 865037, email web

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