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The Memorial Playing Fields were established in part (and added to over the years) in the 1950s, acquired by the Parish Council to provide recreational sports facilities for Brampton residents and their families.

The Parish Council (PC) has had a bye-law for many years that dogs must be kept on a lead on the Memorial Playing Field. This bye-law (and all other PC bye-laws for Public Open Spaces) was invalidated by
the Governments new laws for Public Open Spaces, 2015.
Since that time PCs have not been able to create new bye-laws for any area that is a Public Open Space. For any control of dogs, we have to apply to the District Council to create a dog control order on our behalf.

Due to the constant pollution of dog litter being left uncleared by dog owners, and despite our many pleas through local media, and the many friendly signs all around the field, the council decided to request an
order that again requires dogs to be kept on a lead.

More information can be found by following the web link below.

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