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Police Surgery - Brampton Community Centre

I am the local Police Community Support Officer for Brampton and I will be holding monthly Police Surgeries(An opportunity to discuss local issues with your local Police representative) I will be holding community Surgeries on the following dates / times:
Tuesday 11th September between 5pm and 7pm
Tuesday 16th October between 5pm and 7pm
Tuesday 13th November between 3pm and 5pm
Tuesday 18th December between 3pm and 5pm
To be held in the Brampton Community Centre, High Street, Brampton, Cambridgeshire
Kind regards John PCSO John Carter
Huntingdon Problem Solving Team Brampton & Hinchingbrooke
Local Policing Officer Mobile: 07734 289797
Call: 101 #HuntingdonshireTogether …together we can!

Last updated: Tue, 21 Aug 2018 9.49 am - More information or comments: Tel: 07734 289797, email

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