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Serving the Community in Cambridgeshire

Brampton Youth Forum

Members’ Snapshots

“Youth Forum has been working in Brampton for over a decade! In recent years we have been working on projects like the skate park and every year we spend a morning in the Day Centre cooking them a meal.”

“We are rather a small group and are largely male dominated. It would be great if we could get more female members to join us and even out the ratio.”

“I’m 15 years old and I’ve been part of the youth forum for 4 years. I have done projects like saving the dormouse, coffee mornings, litter picking and cooking for old people. I have helped with the plan for the Memorial Garden. The Playing Fields are a memorial to servicemen who died fighting in the world wars, that’s why they are there.”

“We made cakes for a coffee morning and made money for charity.”

“As a group we have done a lot of projects...”

“We have been to the Day Centre. We love to go and help. Some of us cook and some help out by talking to the old people and playing games with them. When we spent the day with them we found it hard to cook dinner for so many with the very small oven in the kitchen!”

“I wanted to join the youth forum because by joining I knew that I would make a difference to the community and other areas of where we live. The week after I joined I talked to the parish councillors about the importance of scooters on the skate park.”

And the future??

“We are looking for future projects that will benefit and help the village. We are looking for more members but in particular female members. Currently we have only one female member and this leads to a patriarchal approach to projects.”

“If you have any suggestions for projects or would like to be a member, please contact us!”

  • We exist to give voice to the needs of the young people of Brampton!
  • We bridge the gap between our generation and older people living in the village.
  • We are the direct link with the Parish Council and we keep them informed about issues affecting young people.
  • We feed back ideas and suggestions to the council meeting each month.
    They give us an annual allowance to spend on running our group.
  • We meet monthly.
  • We are the management committee for the skate park.
  • We have taken part in a range of community projects.
  • We have very enthusiastic members BUT WE NEED MORE GIRLS! Make the female voice count in your village!

YF members need to be in Year 8 of Secondary School. Information from: